Exterminans IX·XI

by Tsar Bomb

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released September 15, 2015

Produced by David Olmedo & Tsar Bomb.
Recorded, mixed & engineered by David Olmedo, during 2014-2015.
Music by Ivan.
Lyrics by Ocram (with the help of St. John the Apostle).
Synth & Piano by Carmen Robles Jiménez.
Artwork & Illustrations by Ocram.
Photography by Jose A. Ruiz Molina.

Management: tsarbomb@hotmail.com



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Tsar Bomb Málaga, Spain

Tsar Bomb is an extreme metal band based in the city of Malaga in southern Spain which was founded in 2009 with the idea of a Black-Death Metal fast and aggressive.

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Track Name: Ad Maiorem Legio Gloriam
Mist amongst the thicker mist,
Troops of majesty to see,
Standards, flaming standards,
Light the way of the legion.

Skin and bones,
Lead the way to victory.

From the underworld to the heavens,
One faced hordes, with the face of Abigor.

Ad maiorem legio gloriam, dethrone their king,
Ad maiorem legio gloriam, destroy His kingdom,
Ad maiorem legio gloriam, spill His blood over the Earth,
Ad maiorem legio gloriam, raise our sign… for our sign is the absolute perfection.

From the underworld to the heavens,
As a dead star that’s reborn and blazing.
Track Name: Exterminans IX·XI
And he was given the key of the abyss’ pit,
To our king, our exterminator,
And he opened up the smoky pit,
Darkening the sun and air,

And there emerged primitive armies,
And they were given the power of scorpions,

And they were order a mission,
Not to harm the trees, not to harm the fields,
Just to exterminate the human being,
Poisoned and marked by the gods.

And they were order to torment them,
Wounded, suffering and fading,
By our king!!

And humans will seek death but will not find it,
And they will long to die, but death will elude them.

They rose up like armed horses prepared for war,
Crowned with gold, their faces in the image of man.

With mouths as lion fauces,
With their impenetrable loricas,
With wings of steel,
In search of man,

And a great shadow eclipse the light on the Earth,
Shaken by thunderous combat tanks,
And there was silence!

And armies with smoking jaws and armours,
Exterminate the third part of mankind,
And the armies descendent of the serpent,
Will kneel the rest of men down to them.
Track Name: Septem Tonitrua
Seven thunders burst, the angel has spoken,
Under the oath, resounding horns,
The Book of Initiation devoured by Leviathan,
Inexorable storm, storm of ashes and fire.

Of ashes and fire!

An angel came down from the skies, and he was set on fire.
The crown upon his head, his face resembling the death,
His feet like hurricanes over sea and earth.
The thunders spoken with his roaring.

And his words were sealed onto the rotten flesh,
Cursing false god out, pointing at the skies.

I swear on whom the abyss makes his dweller,
In the coldest darkness of absolute.
The one that rose against the lie.
Your existence has expired! Your existence has expired!

With the blast of the horns, the thunders will call the proclamation of the new king, blinding the angels.

And the ones that ascended shall descend, for their time has expired,
And their servants shall perish, eaten by shadows.
Track Name: Armada (Mari Bestiam)
And out of the seas emerged a beast,
like a Titan coming out of the abyss,
seven frigates, ten cannon and ten missiles,
called by the names of terror,
Blessed by the dragon.

War scars on its stony skin,
War scars of the victory bearer,
For whom humanity kneels down.

Worshipped and feared,
Enthroned and glorified, for all eternity…
Mari Bestiam!!
Worshipped and feared,
Enthroned and glorified, for all eternity…
Mari Bestiam!!

And it spat fire from its fauces,
Against gods and all their laws,
And it declared war on heaven,
Destroying nations at its step.

And the world bowed before its power,
Sinking the book of the pusillanimous,
Into the rotten guts of the Lamb,
With the names of the dead.

Our Savior, Mari Bestiam!
Our King, Mari Bestiam!
Our Lord, Mari Bestiam!
Track Name: Caustic Blessing
The great mass is congregated,
I can sight them from the skies,
Clamouring for salvation,
Waiting for the Messiah,

Initiation rite has started,
Bow your heads,
Await the eternal blessing,
The bird of steel delivers,
Caustic blessing!!

And the sacred water was spilt,
And the bodies merged into one,
And the bones dissolved,
And their faces fell apart,
Caustic blessing!!

Like a caustic blessing, upon their foreheads,
Like a caustic blessing, absorbed through their pores,
In the name of our Lord.
Track Name: ...And Spill thy Fire Upon the Earth
Wall of ashes,
Winds of fury,
Ancestral gods of the war,
Spill the adder’s venom,

…And there was light up in the skies,
…And there was heard the roar of the beasts,
…And the thunders lit the way,
…And there was silence upon the Earth,

The reign of chaos spits its fire,
with hail and blood, scorching the life,
with flaming soil the waters died,
…And there was silence upon the Earth… Upon the Earth!

Enurta threw his axe against humanity,
the sun eclipsed by inert flesh,
A volcanic fury consume the world,
the air swallowed by the Serpent.

…And there was silence upon the Earth,
Here the promise land,
…And there was death upon the Earth,
Like a paradise,

The reign of chaos spits its fire,
with hail and blood, scorching the life,
with flaming soil the waters died,
…And Spill thy Fire Upon the Earth!!
Track Name: Mikaheylel
Oh! Mother of all wars,
The great Dragon raised in flight,
Leading the hordes with his light,
A new order is coming.

The morning star is ascending!!
The Serpent devoured the Lamb!!

Cataclysm between two forces, bursting in the heaven’s court,
The Dragon claims his kingdom, spitting anger on the archangel’s face.
The chief of angels, the false prince with no merits,
Shall you descend into the abyss, shall you fade for all eternity.

And He dragged the stars from the sky, and He sowed them in the Earth,
from their light flourished the blaze of hell,
And the archangel came between the Dragon’s will,
And he speared his armoured skin, as if spearing a thick mist.

The archangel broke his spear,
And the Dragon’s jaws broke himself,
And he was cast into the Earth, and his angels were swept along with him.

Shall you rejoice, for the Dragon has taken back his throne.
Shall you rejoice, for the liars have come down to Earth.

And there was heard a roar from the skies,
super astra Dei exaltabo solium meum!!